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Knees n Toes
September 25, 2011 on 2:42 am

Mompreneurs invent products, functional and innovative, and most of all they have experience so other moms trust them and try their items with confident!!! Check them out now

September 25, 2011 on 2:32 am

Today’s diapers offer practical stylish choices!!!!!!!!!
Diapers are necessities for any mom that is why we have a variety of choices. Check them all out, Fuzzibunz, Best Bottom diapers, Charlie Banana, Imse Vimse etc.

May 24, 2011 on 8:35 pm

Cloth Diapers Deal
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Best Bottom Diapers

Best Bottom Diapers Super!!!!!

May 12, 2011 on 4:13 pm

We, at knees N Toes had a monthly drawing for the past 6 months. Every buyer who purchased 6 diapers or more was able to enter a free drawing, a chance to win a free cloth diaper, of the buyers choice.

Here is a list of the diapers chosen by our winners:

December – Fuzzibunz Size small
January – Imse Vimse Newborn
February – Charlie Banana One size
March – Fuzzibunz Size Medium
April – Fuzzibunz One Size
May – Fuzzibunz One size

4 of our buyers opted for Fuzzibunz! Wow! Fuzzibunz, You deserve an award as well!!!

Check out our future promotions!!!


May 12, 2011 on 3:51 pm

I received the Sleepy Wrap as a baby shower gift, and it has proven itself to be a fantastic product. My baby is currently 2 months old, He also wants to be held constantly and cries if laid down or left alone too long and he is a frequent eater too. My baby takes very few daytime naps. The Sleepy Wrap is the only way I can get him to nap longer than 30 minutes during the day! He will often sleep for 2-3 hours in the wrap, waking for a snack and then back off to sleep. The sleepy wrap was a life saver it’s the only way I can get things done during the day. Go get it!!!

Susan Bristol, PA

Sleep WrapNavy Blue Wrap

May 12, 2011 on 3:38 pm

Awesome product and awesome retailer. I bought FuzziBunz and BumGenius diapers. Although I found a cheaper deal with BumGenius brand diapers. The FuzziBunz are definitely a better quality diaper, and I would purchase this brand again and again. They wash out cleaner and easier than other diapers. Also, the fit much better, I love these. I must say, my baby has no rashes, skin is soft and clean. no gimmiks. Terrific product. Knees N Toes processed this transaction quickly and efficiently. I recommend this very highly!

Rebbeca New Rochelle, Ny

FuzziBunz Best baby diaper on earthOne Size Pocket Diaper

March 22, 2011 on 2:40 pm

Sock Ons are must-haves for mom and baby. “Sock Ons are the most amazing baby product I have seen and come across for a long time. No gimmic they really do work. Once you get these you will wonder How you ever lived without these before!! I have had buyers all over the country asking about these baby sock ons. Go get them now, There are some new bright colors out there, try them. Check out the matching dribble ons as wellSock Ons

July 22, 2010 on 5:24 pm
Finally, a true one-size diaper that will last and last! The FuzzibunzOne-Size Diapers are the most adjustable one-size cloth diapers on the market today! Adjust the diapers to fit babies 7-35 pounds and get a snug fit every time.
These diapers will fit your child from newborn to potty trained.
The Fuzzibunz perfect size diapers fit most babies from 8 to 18 lbs with a 5 to 10 inch thigh.
You can check you size on our size charts to check the size you need.
These fuzzibunz diapers come in assorted bright fashion colors which add extra life into your child’s day. Shop fuzziBunz on Sale now!!!!!! Check our deal of the day you will save on Fuzzibunz diapers while your baby will be pampered organically. Go to
June 29, 2010 on 2:21 am

Pediped shoes are the best shoes on the market today.  Finally, baby shoes that don’t come off and are comfortable to wear them all day long. … Functional styles and designs Polka dots, gold Aurelia, Ella multi, are just a few of the options available. For the winter they have shoes like velvet shoes with satin bow, which makes its mark this season,
These Pediped shoes just add spice to your child’s outfits.

June 28, 2010 on 4:39 am

Baggino bibs are a new item at and is flying out the doors.

These bibs ar Long sleeves and an extra long front to catch mess where it is most likely to happen.

These are super great, check them out at

you will love these practical bibs on your little ones.